For Magicians

Kayla is Currently Offering TWO Online-Lectures for your Magic Club Meeting!

The Performance Workshop

Using her knowledge studying comedy and theater outside of magic, Kayla first developed this workshop as a 6-week course for the Magic Castle’s University program.  Since then, this workshop has been seen in magic clubs all over the country, including one of the International Brotherhood of Magicians’s first lectures in their online series. Be prepared to take some notes-this information will be great for working on your routines during the pandemic!

This Workshop will Focus on:

  • your performance persona/character,

  • validating all your choices,

  • making the magic moment more powerful,

  • how to make your current material more unique to you,

  • and much more!

“Kayla Drescher’s Performance Workshop is a fantastic and engaging lecture that has applications for every aspect of magic. She was organized, funny and took the questions of our group with grace, patience and wisdom beyond her years. I was so thrilled when immediately after the lecture I started receiving thank you messages from our club’s members for bringing her in. They all felt that it was time well spent and we got a ton of value from Kayla’s presentation.”

David Knight, Vice President of the Dallas Magic Club

Tips on Tips: The Bar Magic Lecture

Kayla is best known for her bar magic experience. Her full bar show, which has been seen in restaurants and venues all over the country, is often featured at the Magic Castle’s Library Bar.  She currently works as one of the principal entertainers at “Magic Bar”, a weekly magic show in Encino, California, and can regularly be seen behind the bar at the Chicago Magic Lounge.

This Workshop will Focus on:

  • how to get and keep the job,

  • getting more money in tips,

  • choosing material,

  • how to set up a bar for your full show,

  • information all restaurant magicians should know,

  • making your bar and restaurant magic as powerful as possible.

“Kayla has more excitement, energy, creative ideas, and talent than any  two people I know.  Her wheels are always turning and can’t help people  enough.  She has such a glowing personality.  Take advantage of her  knowledge”

Eddie Gardner, Owner of Diamond’s Magic


“I was shocked with how much I learned-you really know your stuff!”

Lecture Attendee, Denny and Lee’s Magic Shop

To find out more about these online lectures, click here to contact Kayla.