Presented by Penguin Magic, three magicians make the day of a very special man named Edgar.


I was so honored to be apart of such a special project with Penguin Magic and the Magic of Rahat.  Our team set up hidden go-pro cameras, wore glasses-cams, and set up the entire restaurant to surprise Edgar.

Edgar is such an inspiring man.  He works multiple jobs to support his family and his wife, who is going back to school.

The most touching part of the day was when he read a letter written from his family.  It’s amazing to see such love and care.  The least we could do is surprise him with the magic of tipping!

Check out the video to see how powerful magic can be!

As a side note, remember to tip your servers.  Even a dollar can go a long way for a special person.

Have an inspiring story?  Has magic affected you or someone you know if a way like this? Share it below!

Have a great day!