Ever feel like your trade show booth isn’t standing out or drawing the crowd you want?  Are your company presentations becoming more and more monotonous?

“Awe and wonder can help people feel more connected and reframe problems.”


This PsyBlog post, “How to Experience Intense Awe and Wonder”, explores how “intense awe and wonder” help one become more refocused with everyday life.  Studies have explored the effect seeing Earth from space has on astronauts.  The astronauts often feel this experience has been “life changing” and use words like ” connectedness” and “perception”.  We can only imagine how life changing that visual must be!


Unfortunately, we can’t all have this opportunity.  Instead, we have our first sight of snow or a sunrise against the ocean.  Maybe we are adrenaline-junkies and climb mountains or sleep hanging off a cliff (yikes!).  These life experiences, categorized as the “overview effect”, help us refocus and reframe problems.  We are able to leave the state of awe with a better, connected grasp on reality.


Zoom in on your next trade show.  Imagine being able to give your guests that intense awe while simultaneously explaining why they need your product or company.  Imagine building teamwork amongst your employees using fascination and interest in something seemingly impossible.  These connections made over such an experience will be ones not only remembered for a lifetime, but will become a building block for a stronger connection between people.  Those relationships only translate to better and more business for you!


Now, we’re not just using silly card tricks to pitch your product.  Magicians use the experience of witnessing unexplainable feats to build a relationship between employees, clients, potential clients, etc. This method is about capturing a person or people’s attention and refocusing it to what is most important-your company and your goal.


Think about your next event-how will you capture their attention?  How will you foster that relationship?  Make this next event filled with curiosity and astonishment.  Capture your target audience quickly and efficiently.  Better yet, let us do that for you!


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