Hire Entertainment

Looking to hire entertianment for your corporate event, yearly party, or maybe a unique way to pitch your new product?  We’ve got what you need!

All Shows are Currently Available for Online Events Only.

Your Guests are the Stars of the Show

The Stand Up Show

Best for:
Corporate Dinner Event
Awards Ceremony
College Student Orientation
Holiday Celebration

Watch as the impossible becomes possible. See torn objects restored! Borrowed objects appear in impossible locations! The stand up show is perfect for corporate events, dinner shows, award banquets, conventions, and much more!  The show is very interactive, so get ready to see your coworkers, friends, and family get in on the act.

This show is best for an attentive, comfortable audience of any size and can run between 20 minutes and 75 minutes.

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We really liked the way Kayla interacted with the audience and involved them in her show. It was a great and entertaining show. Our team really enjoyed it.”
    -Zero Waste Solutions Corporate Event, Las Vegas, NV

Magic Delivered To You

Your Living Room/Back Yard Becomes Magical

Perfect for:


Anniversary Parties


Any Friends and Family Gathering

Want to make your friend’s birthday party extra memorable?  With this show, Kayla makes the special guest the star!  It will be an experience they’ll never forget.

No special guest, no problem! This show is a great addition to your next house event, making your holiday celebration a little extra fun.  Off the big stage, your guests will be able to see that Kayla isn’t using any trap doors or trick gadgets, making the celebration that much more magical.

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“Kayla made the scenario really comfortable and caused a lot of laughter! Seeing the look on our guests’ faces after a trick was definitely the best part!”

     -Perform Line Company Event

Customized Show for Your Business

Marketing in a New Way

Best for:
Trade Shows
Awards Ceremonies
Company Presentations
Potential Client Events

Want to promote your business and your message in a unique, memorable way?  Kayla will customize her show to fit your needs.  She’ll work with you to understand your company and product, integrating that information to appear like she’s worked there her whole life!

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“I was extremely impressed with you.  You did everything we asked for and then some!  I will gladly give you the highest recommendation to anyone I talk with.”     
     -Microsoft Partners Event, Southern California 

FAQ for Booking Magic in Heels

“We want the show to be interactive. Will there be audience participation?”

Yes! Every show has tons of audience participation. In the Magic in Heels Stand Up Show, there are audience members constantly helping.  The show cannot happen without your guests.  It’s a highly interactive show!

“What makes your show different from other magicians?”

Kayla has a very unique style of performance. She takes magic tricks you may have seen before and puts her spin on them. Kayla also has developed some of her own effects that no one else in the world does.

In the stand up show, Kayla tells stories from her life, from growing up in a small town to touring the world. Each routine brings the audience on this memorable journey woven with hilarious comedy and mind-blowing magic. In one routine, Kayla brings three audience members on stage to play the part of characters she tried to date in high school.

“Will any volunteers be embarrassed?”

NO WAY! Kayla works very hard to make her audience and volunteers feel comfortable both watching the show and helping on stage. The audience always says how easy it is to help Kayla on stage because she gives detailed directions and never makes fun of anyone.

“Is the humor in Magic in Heels “blue”, or can anyone enjoy it?”

Kayla’s humor is appropriate for all audiences, from corporate coworkers and potential clients, to the young members of your family. Kayla is also an expert in “going with the flow” and can play to whatever the audience would like while still keeping it clean.

“We had a bad experience with a magician before and are afraid to hire another.”

Oh no! We’re sorry to hear about this bad experience. However, if you had a bad experience with a waiter, would you never go out to eat again? Not all magicians are the same! Kayla works extra hard to make sure her audience walks away with the best possible experience and happy memories to last a lifetime. Kayla promises that you’ll look at magicians differently after working with her!

“How much can we expect the cost to be?”

The rate of pay for Magic in Heels depends on the type of show, length of time, and any special requests/requirements. Please fill out this form to find out more.